An Actual Democracy

  • Participatory Politics

  • Campaign Finance Reform? Term limits?

  • Lead the Country While Helping Business At Home

  • Participatory Politics is the system I advocate. The Democrat and Republican parties have nearly buried us. I will write the bill necessary to restructure government to permanently remove the myopic, super-rich, baiting-and-switching representatives and replace them with "We the People" by way of Participatory Politics.
  • Participatory Politics will make the phrases "campaign finance reform" and "term limits" obsolete, by making it so it is impossible for big money to enter politics. When temporary congresspeople are appointed by regular folks in nested councils, there is no chance for lobbyists and those of that ilk to cement a relationship. Help me get there to make it happen.
  • By voting for me, you show you support a system where the people quite literally rule. The rest of the nation will look on our example, and draft citizen councils of their own. The old guard of Washington elites will be ushered out. In addition, local hospitality business owners have a lot to gain from supporting and hosting citizen councils in the form of patronage. If you're such an owner, scroll down for more info!

Boost your business and help the community by hosting nested council meetings!

Here’s a big ol’ video summary of what I’m about. For more digestible chunks, check out individual “Issues” pages in the main menu. References for the video below are found at the bottom of this page .